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Advantages of VoIP Versus Everything Else

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The first advantage that VoIP has is that it has much lower costs when compared to everything else.

It just doesn’t cost much money at all. The only time it costs any money at all is when you have to call someone who is not on the Internet. However, VoIP packages are incredibly low-cost compared to every other solution, generally.

Some key VoIP facts:

  • Sometimes this price difference can be as much as ten times or more. For example, many landline phone costs come out to around 50 per line per month. Even with this cost, it only allows for local calls, meaning people who are in the same town or local area as you.
  • In some cases, you might be able to call domestically, within your country as well, though that often costs extra. With VoIP, the cost for this ability, often only costs 20 per line, and allowed you to essentially call anyone.

Multiple Ways it Cost Less

You save money using VoIP in multiple ways, including both direct and indirect costs.

VoIP costsThe actual straight-up cost of a VoIP plan costs a lot less directly. However, there are other considerations as well. For example, the wiring would be less expensive since offices wouldn’t have to change wiring for it. The fact that it can be used through the app or a smartphone that didn’t have any other overhead is also a plus.

Modern studies show that small businesses often reduce their phone bills by up to 60 percent directly by switching over. Also, international calls are 90 percent less expensive than if you used more traditional means of making phone calls. This is especially important given the fact that international calling is getting more and more important as the world becomes more and more interconnected. The international plans through VoIP plans are just exceptionally cheap.

Also, again, if someone else is using the Internet as well and not a traditional phone line or mobile phone, the cost could potentially be nothing for calling someone internationally, depending on the exact situation.

Additionally, maintenance sots and other repeating expenses like taxes and repair costs tend to be lower as well. Many companies only add 5 per month to their plans to cover all of this. This is exactly why VoIP is such an excellent option for small businesses that must keep costs down, like startups.