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Disadvantages of Other Old Tech Compared to VoIP

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Tech-like traditional phone lines require more people to be in person, meaning it’s harder to set up remote work with older tech. This is especially bad for business communications in an age where remote work is particularly desirable.

For example, VoIP has options like auto-attendant, call waiting, instant video calling, conference calling and more, that a traditional phone line may not have by itself. These features are all highly useful for remote work. Phone lines that do have some of these features are going to potentially cost even more, and phone lines are already way behind VoIP in terms of costs.

Endless Extra Features for Voip and Not Others

voip featuresThe list goes on and on in terms of what VoIP can do, cheaply. You can end up with call transfer, queuing, group ringing, and many other features, all for almost no cost with VoIP. If you’re using VoIP through your computer, you can end up with a huge number of sophisticated features if you’re using VoIP. A simple mobile phone or phone line will just not be able to keep up.

Another way this matters is that businesses with traditional phone lines and simple mobile phones will need to hire secretaries to organize everything, often, since phone calls will be coming in from all directions. A VoIP system can often organize all of this for you, automatically. It would just need to be a cloud-based VoIP.

VoIP Numbers

virtual phone numberYou can get a virtual phone number with VoIP, but not with anything older. A virtual number is totally portable. You can use this number no matter where you go.

For those who don’t use VoIP within a company, it means that if you travel constantly, you may have to memorize many different numbers based on where you are. You will always be juggling them instead of connecting everything to just one number.

Summing Up: Getting VoIP and Improving Your Business Today

It’s a small change to make, but getting increased organization, spending a fraction of the money you did before on phones, having clearer voice quality in many situations, better security, more flexibility, and so on will make it well worth it.

You can even save space by using your laptop or computer rather than a traditional phone. Overnight, a VoIP system can make your business many times more efficient and cheaper, while increasing your capabilities almost exponentially.