The age of the first telephones revolutionized businesses and allowed them to take place over a much faster time period than what was possible earlier.

Even telegrams increased business operations from the usual weeks or months while letters moved back and forth across countries down to hours and minutes.

communication evolutionThe problem with traditional telephones, however, is that they were fixed in place which made it so there was a cap to how much flexibility it could have. From there, you had innovations like telephone booths that allowed people to make phone calls in a foreign city for businesses purposes even if they weren’t currently in a hotel with a phone, or at least, a phone that was secure enough.

Then there were faxes. This allowed for dense communication when it came to files, but it was also limited by the fixed nature of fax machines. After that, there were pagers, that at least made it easier for people to contact business personnel in emergencies so they could then call from a phone. This increased the ability of businesses people to all stay connected properly even if there was a lot of distance between them due to going on b businesses trips, for example.

Communication evolved from there to eventually mobile phones starting in the 80s and nineties. They were very expensive at first, which made it more difficult for business professionals to use them properly, but they did add serious flexibility that no one had before.

Since then, mobile phones got better and better, adding more and more abilities, but they were still using cell phone towers, which had innate drawbacks including range but especially cost.

Now that we have VoIP and Internet hot spots everywhere, everything is revolutionized.

The Rise of VoIP

KmbusinVoIP was truly revolutionary when it came to business telecommunications because its now easier than ever to stay in contact with your fellows while working on projects. Once there was enough Internet access and it was fast enough, it was all over in terms of VoIP dominating the space related to using phone calls to conduct business. The other options just don’t compare at all. This is exactly why many businesses to do this day use VoIP to conduct business. This includes companies from just about any country on the planet, potentially. It is that flexible and economical.