A Stroller Built For City Activities That Parents Will Enjoy

The Baby Jogger City Mini, as its name implies, is a wonderful option for those living in urban areas specifically due to its swiveling front wheel, excellent suspension system and folding frame. Implementing a reclining seat that can be adjusted as needed, the stroller provides better comfort than most other models providing an enjoyable riding experience. With a large adjustable canopy that will shield your little one from the sun and weather, this unit also provides superior safety. This Baby Jogger model can be folded for easy transportation and storage, and it comes in a wide selection of colors to suit your needs.

This stroller also offers versatile performance and features a lockable pivoting wheel that can keep your wee one steady and secure. This stroller has been very well received by owners and gets very high ratings and recommendation rates for its overall value, convenience and easy of use. It may not be ranked as the best jogging stroller but it is great for getting around the city at a faster pace. For active parents, it is still a great choice.

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Recommended weight capacity: 50 lbs.

Product Features

Fully-Rotating Front Wheel: Probably the most noticeable feature of this model is its fully-rotating front wheel, which can swivel according to your needs to successfully avoid obstacles, turn tight corners and maneuver the item in basically any situation. If the terrain becomes rougher or you wish to turn up the pace a little, the front wheel can be locked forwards, improving stability and making it easier to keep in a straight line.

Padded, Reclining Seat: Having been engineered to provide ultimate comfort, this model integrates an ultra-padded seat that can be reclined to a nearly flat position, allowing your child to take a nap, whether you are walking in the park or jogging. The seat top is vented, which will increase airflow. It also comes with a multi-position canopy that can prevent direct sun exposure, keeping rain and wind away from your child.

Five-Point Harness System: Coming with a five-point harness system, this jogging stroller will keep your child perfectly stable and safe during the entire ride, regardless of the terrain. Safety is enhanced due to its suspension system, which can absorb shock that shows up when going over rougher surfaces. Babies are typically more sensitive, which can potentially result into causing him or her discomfort whenever this happens, and this unit has features to help minimize it.

Folding Frame: As with most Baby Jogger models, this unit has their quick fold technology that makes it simple to collapse and fold down. Even when you are not using it, this stroller can be folded and stored anywhere in your home, occupying very little space, which makes it convenient and versatile.

What Owners Like About the Baby Jogger City Mini?

This unit continues to get very favorable ratings from parents and some of the aspects of this stroller that they tend to like most include:

Easy Maneuverability: Most customers who have bought this running stroller have been pleased with its easy maneuverability. Since the front wheel is swiveling, you will be able to avoid obstacles, turn corners and conveniently guide the stroller where needed. It can also be locked into place, making the stroller much steadier when going at a faster pace.

Lightweight Construction: Another aspect buyers loved about this Baby Jogger stroller is its lightweight construction, which makes the item significantly simpler to handle and maneuver. This will be advantageous especially if you are going to recline the seat to a nearly flat position, as the top of the stroller can get very heavy. Owners like how easy it is to use on a regular basis.

Excellent Frame: Something users really like is this stroller can be folded down to a more compact size very easily. Transporting and storing the unit away is a breeze and a lot of owners were pleased with how well this feature performed.

Great Comfort: This model was also appreciated by parents due to the great comfort it could provide to children, specifically due to the five-point harness system, which offers more safety as well. This unit tends to provide a very enjoyable ride for kids.

What Could Be Better?

While getting overall high marks from buyers, there were some aspects of this stroller that some owners wished were slightly better:

Not for Serious Jogging: This unit was not designed for off road terrain, trails or fast paced running. This stroller is more for those who go at a more casual pace, long distances and smoother surfaces. As its name indicates, this was mostly designed for those that live in the city.

Wheel Durability: Some owners had issues with the wheels after a few months.

Bottom Line

Exercising as a family offers tremendous benefits and using a jogging stroller is a great way to take advantage of these. The City Mini is another great product from Baby Jogger that delivers an performance, functionality, versatility and convenience for parents. Even though it is not geared for those who run a lot, it does offer users in a city landscape who travel on mostly paved and smoother surfaces an extremely capable stroller. Owners typically give this model high scores of around the mid 4’s out of 5 stars.